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Physio chch consult

Physiotherapy is about treating and managing injuries and we look to do that in a variety of ways. An injury can be an opportunity depending on how you look at it, and how you handle it.

With some treatment, guidance, and a plan we can help you move forward. Learn something new, train more effectively, be a more effective physical role model for your family or community.


With ACC subsidyPrivate (No ACC)
60 minute consult$45$100
30 minute consult$30$50

Muscle balance assessment

Find out why did your injury happened. Sometimes it's purely just the wrong place, wrong time. Often however, there are contributing factors to your injury in the way you use your body

We assess muscle strength and length using a variety of isolated and functional tests to identify these contributing factors with the goal of preventing future problems.

By working out your specific patterns, we can develop a targeted program of activation, strengthening, or stretching to help you become more balanced and aware.

The end result after some focused work is you are more effective in the way you use your body than before, so you can get more out of your regular workouts! Sound good?

Manual Therapy

Includes joint mobilisation, manipulation, massage and myofascial treatment

Basically manual therapy encompasses any hands on treatment, that may be used to loosen a restricted joint, apply a stretch to tissue, or release tight areas in muscles or fascia. It may be quite passive - where the client is lying still, or applied more actively where to client moves as the therapist delivers a technique.

Massage is great recovery tool to use regularly as part of your training program. Whether you need deep tissue, sports massage or a relaxation experience with time out from your busy world to de-stress, we can look after you.


60 minutes$85
45 minutes$70
30 minutes$45

Trigger point dry needling

Targets and releases tight, tense spots within muscles (known as trigger points) that can produce and/or refer pain

This method is a little like acupuncture, it uses the same type of needle but in a different way. The technique is used to effectively treat acute and chronic orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

Any kind of stress can cause a trigger point including postural, psychological, emotional, or mechanical-especially repetitive movements.

They are more likely to develop in tissue that has neurological dysfunction likely caused by spinal issues such as facet joint or disc dysfunction, or compression-vascular or neural.


Develops integration and control of the deep core musculature and breathing patterns with movements

Pilates is a system of exercises that develop integration and control of the deep core musculature and breathing patterns with movements.

There are particular Pilates exercises, but Pilates concepts can be applied to any movement pattern. Exercises may involve movement of the spine into flexion, extension, or rotation, or holding a neutral spine while moving arms or legs against resistance.

Exercises can be floor based, or using specialist equipment where resistance is applied in the form of springs such as a reformer or trap table.

Pilates concepts may be integrated into a rehabilitation program to suit your needs – whether than be a gym based weights program, or a home strengthening/stretching program. Currently we integrate concepts into rehab, and refer on for equipment based pilates programming.


Behaviour change strategy and how you can optimise your recovery

We live in a busy world. Once we've taught you what to do, well help you with strategies to help you get the rehab done, and how will make a difference in the long term. By having a plan, identifying potential problems ahead of time, you're more likely to get the job done effectively, minimising risk of recurrence.
Sometimes there's more going on than just the physical, mindset is often a part of recurrent injuries that can be overlooked. For example mental discipline is a strength, but there's times when it can work against us if we don’t pay attention to the signals our body gives us. We aim to bring coaching tools into our physiotherapy treatment where appropriate, and have some great connections to highly skilled professionals in this area who can help you further as required.

Referral Network

For investigations, allied health, or specialist input

Where it's relevant, a referral may be made for further investigations (xray or ultrasound), or to an allied health practitioner such as podiatry, chiropractor or osteopath, or for specialist review if required.


Empowering you with the knowledge about how your body works, how it heals, what may have contributed to your injury

Our aim is to empower you with knowledge about how your body works, how it heals, what may have contributed to your injury, and therefore how you can avoid the same thing happening in the future.